The Perfect Way to Express Your Feelings in Simple Lines

Echoes Of A Love Struck Heart 

I thought walking under the rain would be my remedy,

But the heavy downpour wasn’t fierce enough to quench the primal glow,

You’ve ignited within my chest.



The more I try to hold back,

The more I realize how far I’ve come to loose myself,

In this beautiful flame of passion that sets my heart ablaze,

i prolly lost the battle before the fight began.

I’ve fallen for you!


I stare at what is left of me before the mirror,

Lost, says the look in my eyes,

Broken, resonates the weird feelings in my chest,

Blown away, screams the echo of your name in my head.

And how did I get to fall this hard?

Guess it was the moment I returned your hallo!




Tonight I can’t get a grip on myself,

The radiance of the moon pierces my heart strangely,

Reminds me of the first time ever I witnessed your smile.

But just like the sad end of James blunt’s “You are beautiful”,

Making you mine is a dream that may never come true,

You were the smiling beauty beside another dude.




If only I knew,
I wouldn’t have said Hi

If only I knew,
I wouldn’t have listened to those nice lines

If only I knew,
I wouldn’t have stared into your eyes,

Now I am drawn into the deepness of all you entail,
I can’t find my way back.











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