Poem: A Stitch In Time

Who would have thought,

the little time taken to sit back and whine

will be the very cause of their fade.


Who would have thought,

that only a little taste will be enough

to do the magic of caging the mighty.


Who would have thought,

the love story of jack and rose

will be the very beginning of titanic’s doom.



Resting was not their bane,

keeping the spade aside and letting the weed grow

was their very err.


Seeking pleasure was not their bane,

getting drunk in the dark sides of sweetness

became the breaking point of their addiction siege.


The vertigo of love was not their bane,

the captains loss of focus while peering at their radar

became the chief woe of the magnificent sea vessel.


If only they knew well of the saying,

“A stitch in time, makes amend to all that would’ve been lost out of time”

2 thoughts on “Poem: A Stitch In Time

  1. A clarion call for the youth to retrace their steps from addictions that cause doom and mar their future. Good one indeed.

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