Nice Gestures That Will Make Today End Well For Someone

The Best Way to Be Good, is by Doing Good!

There’s this feeling that usually come with making someone smile or happy. It usually creates room for a deep breath and a feel of fulfillment. Naturally, it has been ascertained that whenever you feel that you have done good, your state of mind attains a high level of performance. So to say, doing to others is same as doing well to yourself.



Below are little good things you can do to help brighten someone’s day


1. Pay for a stranger. Will you be going through a toll booth today or buying coffee at a coffee shop? Pay for the person in line behind you. They may be pleasantly surprised that a stranger could be so kind to pay for them.


2. Surprise people with small gift, like a surprise call, or some flowers, or a sweet note, just to remind them you care.
This will make theirs day. In today’s world, caring is the most sweet and valuable feeling for everyone.


3. Invite a broke friend/hungry over for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


4. Bake for your coworkers. Bake a few batches of cookies and hand them out to your coworkers at work. You could place the cookies in personalized bags or cookie tins.


5. Volunteer to teach anyone who is struggling to deal with something you are good at.


6. When you see a group of people trying to take a group selfie or picture for memories keep, offer to take the snap shot for them so no one you would be left out. They’d be glad you did.


7. Donate new items to charity. Instead of just donating your used items, you may want to buy a few new items. Some things that shelters or charity thrift stores might need are provisions, sanitary pads, soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, clothes, new packs of socks and underwear.


8. A generous tipping. If you are ordering food for delivery or eating at a restaurant, could boost their desire to serve you better. Instead of the usual amount you tip your servers or delivery drivers, add an extra amount to that. Better yet, tip someone whose job doesn’t usually expect them to receive tips.


9. Always let people know that you appreciate their efforts when they do something nice for you. You could do it verbally or through letters and text messages. You can always send a gift card.


10. Pay someone a compliment. Did you just pass by someone and you couldn’t help but notice how nice their outfit or hair looked? How about how good the service was at your local coffee shop? Giving someone a compliment can really brighten up their day. Simply say “I love your outfit!” or “Thank you for such great service, you are so friendly.” These words might stick in the person’s mind all day and help give them a little more pep in their step. Everyone appreciates hearing something nice about themselves.

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