Why We Lose Friends in Adulthood

Ever wondered why most friends who played together as kids, end up growing apart as they grow older?

The reasons could be a handful and most of them are usually authentic as well. Therefore there’s actually no need to feel bad if you’ve lost some childhood or school friends, the transition is quite normal.

There’s a saying that “not all friends that play together can stay together for twenty years”. People are bound to change with time, develop new interests, chase higher dreams, desire to move with the best flow of life. Then, leaving a friend behind becomes inevitable.

let’s take a ride through other interesting reasons why good friendship is lost.


Reasons Why We Lose Friends

Neglecting The Drive

No matter the kind of relationship, it takes efforts to keep the rain moving. When these efforts start declining or become one-sided, and when everything happens based on convenience, the bonding starts fading and friendship aims for rock bottom.

Changing Priorities

As we step into higher phases of life, our priorities start to change. We focus on achieving great things for ourselves, earning a living, leading a comfortable life, and many more. In these pursuits, we might end up realizing that we have little or no time for friends and in the end we eventually lose them.

Taking Up A New Life Role

Imagine getting wedded to your heart rob and starting up a new family, and then becoming a parent. You’d want to dedicate as much time and effort you can, to the well being and progress of your family. No joy can match the bliss of seeing your son or daughter growing up. You might then no longer have the time to stay out with friends as you used to when you had no commitments.

When Love Gets in The Way

We could start dating and then get into a serious relationship, which will require us to gear most of our attention to the direction of the highest affinity<Lol>. Eventually we put our feelings before our friends, which is a natural flow. But it could end up dampening our relationship with friends.

Added Responsibilities

Certainly, there would be times in life when we have more responsibilities to bear and will also have no time for good friends. It could be marriage or perhaps a promotion at work. This way, we might cut out on social activities with friends, which might not go down well with them. creating a loop to losing them.

Toxic Influence

Every human has a conscience that acts as an umpire in our interactions with people. It’s no news that when you constantly feel uncomfortable with what some of your friends are doing, you start feeling the urge to stay away from them.

Relocating To A New City

Here is one of the genuine reasons for losing friends. When you move to a new city, there are lots of hurdles you’d have to scale. And adapting to the pros and cons in the new location may take some time which is sure to affect your friendship to a certain level. Moreover, you get in contact with new people and then find it hard to regularly stay connected to friends in your former location.

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