Keys To A Successful Relationship -Knowing What Your Woman Wants


Women tend to act more ethically than men and are more likely to suffer feelings of shame if they are not seen to be doing ’the right thing’. But female morality also leads them to engage in more fulfilling and impactful work. And this ultimately brings them greater joy, peace and contentment.

Rather than ultimately pursuing pleasure like men would do, women tend to prioritize the ‘right things’. They hardly want to engage in activities that would make make them feel unrest. Emotionally, psychologically, physically and every-wise.

It’s been proven that women, will not want to stay in a relationship or friendship they don’t feel right about.

As a man, knowing what makes your woman happy or sad per time and how to manipulate this events, would go a long way in strengthening your relationship. Same goes for women too.



It’s no lie that women love it when their men spend money on them. But as a man, tagging money as the ultimate and basic need of your woman, could hamper the health of your relationship. A woman could use the money you shower on her, to gain her other needs elsewhere.

I’ve seen scenarios where ladies in relationships, spend the lots of money they get from their partner, on another guy that gives them the attention they probably don’t get from their partner.So in order to keep your woman, you must pay attention to her needs. Which are not only tied to monetary values.

Below are tips on what women want and need in relationships.

Keep your cool and glide through!

1. Three Core Closeness
Being close can mean different things at different times. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. These three aspects, needs to be combined. To achieve a transcendental level of closeness with your partner.

You don’t need to be in the same room to feel these closeness. Even when you are in a room full of people, the vibe you give her, would make your presence overwhelm the presence of others in her purview. Hold her up close as if to show everyone that she’s yours.

2. Make Your Intentions Known
Your woman needs to know, for sure. She needs to be certain about your intentions, or the lack thereof. What do you intend to happen between the two of you?

Do you have an agenda up your sleeve? Do you want to see where things go? Or do you want something more concrete?

Do you see a future with her? Or is it just something that gets you through the moment? Whatever it may be, she wants to know. So that she isn’t wasting her affections on someone and something that isn’t even going to materialize in the first place.

Certainty and stability are often interchangeable in a woman’s head for the simple reason that the two terms do work in direct correlation of each other. There is no stability if there isn’t any certainty, and the other way round.

3. Act With Confidence

she has this sense of apprehension when it comes to protecting her pride. And she wouldn’t want to look so cheap making the first move. Ladies appreciate it when their man courageously make the first move. Without being ruthless or going overboard.

4. Constant Communication
Humans are communicators, each one of us. We may have different means of communication—some talk, others listen; yet others find ways to communicate without really saying much. The point is that you get the point across and do so before it’s too late.

And there is always such a thing as too little, too late. While relationships and connections are all about the timing in two people’s lives. It doesn’t take too long for that time to pass you by and then, you’re left crying at a chance lost out.

Communication is the difference between ‘What if’ and ‘Hell yeah’! Figure out a way to say all that you’ve got to and do it in the moment, before it’s lost.

5. Be Gentle

The fact that we men are built in such a way that we love to exert authority is no new news. It’s quite normal to want to be in charge. But to be overly possessive while relating with your woman, could be synonymous to holding the sharp edge of a knife. Your relationship, would inevitably get cut in the long run.

Hold her, make your presence felt in her life, but don’t choke her. Women love it when their men take control actively, reasonably and gently.


7. Be Patient With Her

Just as no one is 100% perfect, there’s no one who is lacking on flaws. Your woman, probably has got an achilles heel. Don’t use it against her. Try to understand and come to terms with her person. That way, you can achieve the milestone of growing better and stronger together.

8. Respect Her Decisions

Respect is reciprocal they say. Try to always respect your woman’s decisions. Even when you feel her choice is wrong. Don’t just ignore her say. Make her see reasons. And if she’s keen on doing what she wants, leave her be. And try to support her.

In the end, when what she wanted to do doesn’t work out. Her respect for you and your choices automatically builds up. she’d always want to hear you out when you give your take in any decision she wants to make.

In conclusion,

Always be there for your woman. Don’t always assume she knows how you feel about her. Let her know how much you love and care about her in every way possible with the slightest opportunity you get. That way, you both will linger on and on and on.

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