Feel Free to Express Yourself

Have you ever felt the choking sensation to say out something you really wanted someone to hear, but the words remain stocked in your tongue with no courage to voice it out because of how you think it would sound or get interpreted. I’ve been there, who hasn’t been?

It’s totally normal if we tend to be overwhelmed by emotions and feelings. The both, are proves of our very existence because we are human after all. We could be strong, weak and fragile, but no one is hundred percent of the list.

Why not try to explore life in a new way, discover the unknown and implement a new changed. It could just be all you need to get what you’ve wanted all along, We’d never know how if we don’t try.

Just for today, without regards to fear or what anyone would think or say, pour out the words in your heart in which ever way you can. In the contour of crystal clear letters, write till your heart content, create the picture you see in beautiful lines.

Start from anywhere, drive your pen on the sheets with no destination in mind, till you get lost in the thrall of your words, till you find out you were right on track from the start.

Say something, write something, let your voice be heard, it counts. The lines of your bitter or sweet words could be the perfect remedy for someone out there. Feel free to express yourself.

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