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    The Perfect Way to Express Your Feelings in Simple Lines

    Echoes Of A Love Struck Heart  I thought walking under the rain would be my remedy, But the heavy downpour wasn’t fierce enough to quench the primal glow, You’ve ignited within my chest.     The more I try to hold back, The more I realize how far I’ve come to loose myself, In this beautiful flame of passion that sets my heart ablaze, i prolly lost the battle before the fight began. I’ve fallen for you!   I stare at what is left of me before the mirror, Lost, says the look in my eyes, Broken, resonates the weird feelings in my chest, Blown away, screams the echo of…

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    Poem: A Stitch In Time

    Who would have thought, the little time taken to sit back and whine will be the very cause of their fade.   Who would have thought, that only a little taste will be enough to do the magic of caging the mighty.   Who would have thought, the love story of jack and rose will be the very beginning of titanic’s doom.   Alas. Resting was not their bane, keeping the spade aside and letting the weed grow was their very err.   Seeking pleasure was not their bane, getting drunk in the dark sides of sweetness became the breaking point of their addiction siege.   The vertigo of love…

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    Poem: When Love Fades Away

    Like a flip of read pages the dance of burning leaves the plight of their dispersing fumes,   Sweet love at first sight promises made on lonely nights,   Like the hidden strings of an uncertain infinity a sojourn to a lifeless land and the gloom of a starless sky,   Sweet love, turns sour dreams of blissful life together becomes a tunnel with no spark within, bewildered by a merger of many pains,   When love fades away like the end points of horizon feelings become like a passing breeze nothing else is left all that counts remains our sight and a big world of disillusion! -Mascotte-

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    Poem: Musical Heart Beats Out Loud

    Pum, putum, putum the race of my crumbling heart the plight of my souls core, Pum, putum, putum the tempo of an enthralling dance the melody of ancient drum lines, on a full moon night, Pum, putum, putum the offset of your resplendent smile on my lonely heart the inexorable strike of love at first sight, Pum, putum, putum louder than the chorus of singing birds louder than the rumbling drops of a tearing sky the sound of my throbbing heart when the lights are gone and all I see is your face on the walls of my mind!

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    Poem: The Greatest; August Love

      I thought I was the only one who was beguiled by you, but there were many more like me, under the same skies hopelessly lost in your thrall.   I thought I was the only one who fully knew the scheming bitterness in your sweet coated words and still chose to believe, but there were many more like me, who saw the thorns girdled about you, and still chose to welcome your embrace.   I thought I was the only one who when betrayed by you in one, gleefully moved in search for a different version of you in another, but there were many more like me, who rise…

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    Poem: The Listener

      Talk of your pain and woes The bitterness of hard times, Talk of the burning sensation of tears you held back Vent your aggrieved emotions on my ready ears, Through the lengths of it all I’ll stand docile, Listening, even to thuds of your racing heart I’ll patiently wait, listening through it all.   Talk of your fears The cage that traps your soul within, Talk of your dreams to soar like the free birds that bless the sky Till you feel the freeness of heart to take a deep breathe, Till your wall of constraint is broken I’ll stay by your side, Listening, even to the voices in…